She’s the epitome of what the feminine essence is all about. She’s not falling for the hype, the trend or the next big thing because she doesn’t seek for any other validations from the mass except her own. She’s so focus on her own greatness that she doesn’t have the time to pull up with your bullshit. Instead of wearing the cheap Mickael Kors outfit, she ball out like a boss to buy the whole shop to make a profit so she can buy herself a Porsche and a house for her kingdom. Her circle is small and tight because she understands how important it is to be engaged in relationships that motivate her to be better every single day. She understands how energies and vibes are infectuous so she always talk and walk with an optimistic point of view about everything because she knows that we’re here to uptlift everybody around us. She can talk about the universe, the last political debate, the business she owns, her last travel, about influence and power, spirituality, psychology, karmic existences, personnal greatness and the achievments she’s current’y hustling on. She knows every single songs of 50 and Pac but she dress like a classy fly feminine woman who understands fashion because she loves to be in her feminine side all the time. She have 12 men running after her but I’m just here, comfortably sitting in the chair of my kingdom laughing about all the beta males who have no clue that you don’t need to fight to get her attention because the more you run after a Queen, the more she will walk away from you. She only pop up for the man who understands her needs by not putting pressure on her. You don’t push her, you let her come to you at her own pace so she will surprise you out of nowhere with her infinite unconditional love. Why fighting for a spot when the spot is me? Just make her shine bright like a diamond, spoil her with your masculine core, your unconditional love and she will make shine the King in you. 💎✨

by millennialcapital

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