Sometimes I wake up and it’s dark inside. My sense of possibility fades, worlds collide. My bright light is dimming but no one sees. The pain and anxiety of almost uncertainty. For I am sensitive more than most. Living in 9 states coast to coast. Growing up I had to be tough. I was fat and sweet and never enough. My body was a dungeon, my mind an ocean. My voice was a whisper, I feel all emotion. There comes a point when I choose to believe. My mind downshifts to first, I feel the breeze. Time slows, I open the eyes of my heart. Confidence grows, a new healing starts. Grounded by nature, protected by an angel. She’s my guardian, I know her to well. Divinely guided, I am destined for more. A fire is brewing, a relentless core. I’m armed now with a sword of miracles. She effortlessly cuts through my fears tentacles. My Zelda awakens a new level opens A Spiritual Gangster awakens! #enlightenment #reinvention #spiritualgangster #entrepreneur #lifecoach #businesscoach

by bradbergersen24

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