Curson Terrace, Sunset Strip, Hollywood Hills very modern and sold for $5,795,000 IF your goals look like a shopping list of luxury items then it might be time to review your goals, your motivation and life purpose. Experiences will motivate and inspire you much more than products and possessions ever will simply because we live to feel and experience life. It might be to experience an amazing meal in a stunning location with your beautiful partner. It could be the experience of driving a Classic #rollsroyce around Italy or to sail around all islands in the beautiful South Pacific. It might even be to spend time with the children at the local children’s hospital reading books or helping out in some way. Whatever it is, when you truly search for what moves you and gives you the greatest sense of fulfilment it will be the things you can’t own, only experience. Powerful, inspirational and beautiful Experiences last forever in your soul and ultimately that is what defines us and who we are… Not our possessions. Take another look at what you are chasing and hopefully reading this might help you to re-discover what you are really searching for and craving for in your life. #businessknowledge #relationshipgoals #money #businesssuccess #millionaire #businesscoach #wealth #wealthy #investing #financialadvice #luxurylifestyle #motivation #greatness #succeed #leadership #leaders #entrepreneur #mindset #success #successquotes #realestate #luxuryrealestate #property ——————————————————— WWW.ROYKEILY.COM ——————————————————— @roykeily #KEILY #RealEstate #Fashion #Lifestyle #Luxury ———————————————————


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